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Mortal Coil #1 design by Hightosis, printed on partly glossy, partly matte finish photo paper.


The "Mortal Coil" series is an expression of the strife that we as individuals wade through in our lives. It is important to acknowledge that we all travel a path with challenges scattered throughout, and to lend someone an arm or a presence in troubling times can give them momentum to continue along their journey.

12' x 16' or 16' by 20' sizes are available.

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant

Please note: These prints will come out slightly darker than how they appear online. This is due to the fact that printing color spaces are different than computer screen color spaces. Printers use CMYK colored ink and computer screens display in an RGB color space. Regardless, the imagery remains clear and gorgeous and will look great in your room or living space.


PLEASE make sure your shipping address is correct! If an issue arises regarding incorrect shipping addresses I am unable to fix this. Thank you for understanding.


Thank you endlessly for your support, it means the absolute world to me! :-)- Hightosis

- Hightosis

Mortal Coil #1

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