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Beautiful From Every Angle Media Pack [PREMIUM]


After many requests, the Beautiful From Every Angle series is now available to purchase in the form of a 78 MB ZIP file! (You will be emailed your product once the purchase has been made.)


This is the PREMIUM version of the media pack. In it contains 54 JPGs that are 2890 x 2166 in size.

The images as seen in the series posted on Instagram are included in this pack (excluding the bonus images in the second grid). The remaing images are a variety of unseen variants of the ones posted online!


The images are not squares because they are photographs of a CRT TV screen with the material on them. I chose to keep the entire screen in frame so you can decide how you want to center your images for your projects. You can scale these around for say a square image and retain the quality nicely.


These will go very well with your artistic projects and social media banners/PfPs. You may also want to acquire these and print them for your wall at home or in the stu for personal use!


*** When you aquire these images, you have the right to use these for as many projects and whatever projects you'd like, such as covers for musical projects online. You can NOT sell them in any format (on merch, posters, reselling them as media packs, etc. If you are interested in selling merchandise with these designs, contact me VIA dms for exclusive rights. Thank you). Crediting is appreciated but certainly not necessary :-) ***


Give me a shout if you have any questions! (DM works best)


Thank you so very much for your support! <3


 - Hightosis


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