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An introduction to Unconstructed

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Unconstructed was founded in 2015 by Hightosis inside of a hotel lobby in Baltimore, Maryland, during the early hours of the morning. The thought came to him at a seemingly never ending height of an LSD journey. It was a beautiful experience. At the time Unconstructed was nothing more than an interesting word within an avalanche of visions. I did not understand what it meant though its persistence presence throughout the night indicated a deeper meaning. Nothing remained tethered to my subconscious like Unconstructed did.

Over the years it had evolved into a philosophy. The purpose of the philosophy is to better understand anything you desire or find the answers you seek. How this is achieved is through the disassembly of what challenges you, looking at the individual components and seeing how they interact, then rebuilding it into something that now makes far more sense.

The things I choose to unconstruct are most often things that are untouchable or cannot be seen. I sometimes refer to this as reductionism of the intangible. Examples of things you cannot see or touch would be dreams, memories and/or emotions, which are all extensions of our consciousness. The mind is full of treasure. What one unconstructs does not have to be intangible though. Things like biology, the cosmos, extraterrestrial life, even personal life experiences are all unconstructable. This type of exploration then becomes incredibly unique to the user.

How to get started?

No formal education is required to unconstruct. This method of exploration is based off of personal experience and does not discriminate against beliefs. There is no wrong thing to explore. Our lives are so incredibly unique and intricate. The pools of mystery that I dive into will likely be far different than yours.

Unconstruction is a form of curiosity with a goal in mind. You wonder with the intent of learning something. A metaphor for this would be walking towards a destination rather than wandering aimlessly. Both of which are beautiful things and have their own applications. It is very easy to give up exploring challenging topics. Unconstruction can be challenging because it is not possible to quickly locate the answer or understanding you so deeply desire. Mastery in anything in life requires decades of practice.

Here are some things to consider when you wish to delve into the unknown:

  1. Understand that this is not an overnight process. These things take great amounts of time. With that being said, it is encouraged to use any time you have. During transit, before going to sleep, during a walk, you can even set aside time to contemplate... Any moment you have that you dedicate to unconstruction will only help bring you closer to what you seek.

  2. Music. Music is a powerful connection between artists, listeners, and the world. The right music can impact you so greatly and push you further into contemplation. It is almost a soundtrack to your adventure into realms of mystery. I prefer instrumental music for this.

  3. Research. This is so important because it is like planting a seed inside of you. Someone else's thoughts blossom in your collection of theories and unheard combinations of potential answers begin to arise.

  4. Write down your realizations, your dreams, your thoughts. Keep a log of even the smallest blurbs of ideas. Build a catalog of your mind and keep it somewhere safe. This is helpful for many reasons, but the main is so that you don't lose important data that you've created.

  5. Open mindedness. Curiosity and closed mindedness are two things that clash. How can you expect to learn about reality when the only things you explore are things you are comfortable with?

  6. Avoid the nuances of the internet and political world. Internet material is momentary, reality is for forever. Reality is shocking, bizarre, challenging, and beautiful. I prefer reality over the toxic world of monetization and competition.

  7. Create things. Write, draw, paint, make music, take pictures... Creativity is integral to this process. Creativity is the circle to the box that is linear thinking. Creativity will take your mind to places that you may not have known existed.

  8. Be healthy. Your brain will function better if you are a healthy individual. Healthiness comes in so many shapes and forms. Taking care of your body and mind through good eating, meditation, surrounding yourself with positivity and creativity will absolutely be of benefit.

I have accepted that I will never fully understand the things I want to. It is a tragic realization but I feel that must do this, perhaps not even for the answers but for the ease of stress. Unconstruction to me is enjoyable, comforting, and expansive to the mind. It may not even be the most effective method of realization, but I've found that it works for me. At the end of the day, finding a source of happiness within this strange world full of ill intentions and false promises is what matters. I am here so I might as well find a way to dig up something incredible or realize a truth that will provide me solace.

- Hightosis

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